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 Bahamas National Symphony Orchestra
(formerly Bahamas Concert Orchestra)

The Bahamas National Symphony Orchestra, the only Symphony Orchestra in the Bahamas, is a community-based established in 1991. The players are drawn from all parts of the Bahamas and from all walks of life.

The orchestra provides an for musicians to enjoy weekly rehearsals for the pleasure of making good music together, and perform as part of a large symphony orchestra.

The orchestra also local young soloists, giving them the opportunity to perform with a full symphony orchestra, in concert.

The orchestra�s main is that music should be fun and enjoyed by players and audiences alike - hence the regular concerts that are offered in Nassau with out-of-town concerts in areas where a live performance by a Symphony Orchestra is a rare event.

Today, the Bahamas National Symphony Orchestra, with over sixty players, has developed an excellent following and reputation for its high quality performances.

For further information about the orchestra and possible playing opportunities with the orchestra, please refer to the Contact section.

Our Vision:
Make high quality arts part of the every day culture in the Bahamas.
Our Mission:
Foster an environment conducive and supportive of the development of musicians.
Our Goal:
Raise the funds necessary to achieve our mission.

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