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The Cable Bahamas Cares Foundation Makes Donation to The Bahamas National Symphony Orchestra.


By Jennifer Hudson

  During a press conference at the Cable Bahamas Head Office on October 25, a cheque was presented to The Bahamas National Symphony Orchestra for the purchase of a harp to support the orchestra’s ongoing development, especially of young musicians.


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Dr. Keith Wisdom, Secretary to the Board of The Cable Bahamas Cares Foundation, gave a short overview of the work of the Foundation and the many donations it has made within the community. “Since its inception in 1999, The Cable Bahamas Cares Foundation, has made donations to the tune of almost $2m in the form of grants to 324 local community organizations and individual students. We receive many, many applications each year and wish we could donate to all of them but that is just not possible,” he stated. Dr. Wisdom described the decision making process as a very difficult one into which much thought and time is invested by the panel.

Dr. Wisdom and Board Member Dr. Timothy Barrett expressed their pleasure in being able to make the donation to The Bahamas National Symphony Orchestra (BNSO) for the purchase of a harp. They stated that they recognized the contribution of the Bahamas National Symphony Orchestra to the community and were especially pleased to note the work it is doing in the training of young musicians who will make sure that the BNSO continues way into the future. They felt strongly that a symphony orchestra is incomplete without a harp.

Mr. Denis Donaldson, Treasurer of The Bahamas National Symphony Orchestra, in accepting the cheque, thanked the Cable Bahamas Cares Foundation for its generous donation and assured the Board members that the harp will be a great asset not only to the BNSO but also within the wider musical field since other musical entities within The Bahamas will be able to apply to utilize it in their concerts. Mr. Donaldson spoke of the growth of the orchestra from its formation as the Bahamas Concert Orchestra in 1991 by Mrs. Jennifer Hudson and how, over the years, many young musicians have been trained and nurtured within the orchestra. The orchestra remains dedicated to its training programmes for young people and presently there is a programme in place where a Suzuki teacher comes from Florida twice a month to teach the young orchestral violinists who are indeed making excellent progress. To this programme will now be added a harp programme and contact has already been made with a harpist in Florida who is assisting in setting up such a programme . The goal of the BNSO is to teach four young persons to become proficient harpists and interested persons will be invited shortly to apply for consideration.

Ms. Helene Peloquin, Secretary of the BNSO, also thanked the Foundation and stated that the BNSO recognizes that this is a long term commitment which will extend way into the future. Also present were Mrs. Jennifer Hudson, Founder and President of the Bahamas National Symphony Orchestra and its Conductor, Mr. Douglas Turnquest, Mr. Patrick Thompson, President of The Nassau Music Society and Mrs. Audrey Dean Wright, Director of the Renaissance Choir.

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